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The Dash

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'The Dash,' one of America's most inspirational and profound poems.
         Written by Linda Ellis, this poem has traveled the globe and has become an icon unto itself.
          Never has a more profound message ever been set to music, and music moves the soul
          like wind moves the autumn leaves. Kirk & Deby Dearman, the award winning singing
          & songwriting duo that gave churches across the world, 'We Bring The Sacrifice of Praise,'
          have come together to provide the most meaningful gift.... literally…The Gift for a Lifetime.


The Dash Book Contains:
 The life-changing poem from Linda Ellis, 12 profound stories from Mac Anderson, and awe-inspiring photographs.

The Dash Song - set to music and sung by Kirk Dearman, it will bring tears to your eyes, an ache to your heart and an inspiration to your life!

This book and CD set is offered for $20.00

Watch "The Dash" video from YouTube that features "The Dash" song.
This video is to honor the life of our sister-in-law, Jan King, who
died ealier this year from pancreatic cancer, and is greatly missed.
Make sure you turn the music player off before starting the video.

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