A Mother's Tears

I want to thank each of you who have followed these 9 days of stories and art. I can’t thank those who’ve written words of encouragement enough! Your words have been life to me. 

I’m wishing each mom a very happy mother’s day. And to those of you who never became moms . . . I bless you too. I know many of you have mothered kids that are not your own and for that you deserve a happy mothers day too. What would we do without those surrogate mothers? 

And some of you may have painful memories of your own mothers or of your own mothering. I know this . . . being a mom is not an easy job. 

So to those who have angst over mother’s day,  wayward children, broken relationships, broken hearts and wasted years. You may have deep regrets and you may have tears. 

I believe your tears are like precious jewels before the Lord. They hold the essence of your hearts. 

When I first started losing my voice I managed to record a few songs. My voice was shaky, but at least I got the songs out.  One of those songs is called ‘A Mother’s Tears.’ 

I’d like to share it with you today. Perhaps it will be a solace to some. 

Please let me know if any of my stories, or art have been a blessing to you.  I love to hear from you and I’d love for you to purchase a piece of my heart poured out in art. 

Each painting can become a print, cards or giclee. Simply message me and I’ll get back with you with prices and details. Contact me at: debydearman@mac.com. View art here!

Happy Mother’s Day!

May you be blessed with all things good,