What Others Are Saying About This Class:

  • "Deby’s online painting class has been a delight! Her course goes far beyond just teaching basic techniques or giving copy-book type assignments. The Lord has touched and inspired her, and so she in turn inspires others with her testimony, words of encouragement, and examples of creative expression. 

         She teaches in a way that encourages timid beginners to be brave and try something new, while inviting more experienced artists to                 step back and explore painting with a fresh approach. This class has been an answer to prayer in so many ways!" Lori Heschke


  •  "Deby's online class was so much fun, just as she wants it to be. She unleashes your inhibitions to explore, experiment, and just enjoy the process of learning a new technique. I have painted for many years, and she has brought a whole new dimension into my way of thinking about my art. I love her beautiful spirit and the loving way she goes about her class. You can tell that prayer is a very important part of her life, as it flows over into her gentle way of teaching. I am looking forward to taking more online classes with her, as I feel like I have met a new community of friends who love to paint. God bless you, Deby, love you" Kathy Kappeler


  • "Deby is an amazing instrument in the hands of Our Creator. She allows the beautiful gifts He bestows upon her to overflow freely into the world around her. Whether it be singing, songwriting, painting, or teaching, the means matters not.. there is a beautiful spirit that flows from her and she freely gives it away. I could not have enjoyed her online art class more. I learned so many things I'd been yearning to understand. I loved every lesson, and her genuine feedback. The positivity and prayers she incorporates are healing. And she creates a sense of community. I would recommend this class to anyone seeking to release innate creativity or improve your abilities. You will be blessed, and you will be glad you did it!" Lisa Graham